Polyair springs

Air suspension products for cars, jeeps, offroad, 4x4 and race, manufactured in

Sydney, Australia. Stiff steel factory suspensions must compromise between ride comfort and load hauling capacity. Smooth ride suspensions can’t carry heavy loads; heavy springs ride rough, especially when the vehicle is unloaded.

Polyair adjustable air springs solve these problems by allowing you to tune your suspension under all load and road conditions. Just add air when towing or hauling and then remove air for a softer ride when unloaded.

• Improve ride, handling, safety, stability and performance.

• Maintain proper ride level for heavy loads;

• Help prevent bottoming, bounce and sway;

• Renew life in tired springs; Extend life of shocks, springs and tyres;

• Fit coil and leaf springs on cars, vans and 4x4s;

• Are made of high tensile strength polyurethane for long lasting durability; and have 12 month/20,000km warranty protection.

• Limited lifetime warranty on seam.