About GSA


GSAD stands for George Shepheard Automotive Developments.

Under the management of George Shepheard, GSA Wholesale Suspension has become one of the major players in the Suspension Supplies market in Australia and as a car builder and Team Manager GSA has a track record others can only dream about in the Asia Pacific region.

For over 40 years, the company has been considered one of the most successful preparers of Motorsport vehicles in Australia boasting winning associations with General Motors Holden, Volvo, BMC, Ford and Mitsubishi.

GSAD started over 40 years ago when George Shepheard started a company called Bond Roll Bars situated in NSW. George took BRB and turned it into South East Asia’s largest supplier of Roll cages. At the same time George ran the Holden dealer team and went on to win many events including both the Australian Rally Championship and multiple state rally Championships.

In early 1988 George started Roadsafe Suspension; it was run from Daisy hill, priding its self on only selling Quality Suspension components. In the late 90’s Roadsafe decided a name change was in order to match what Roadsafe had turned into. Our new name was to become GSA Wholesale Suspension and today GSA is one of Australia’s largest Wholesalers of suspension parts.

In Early 2000 GSA started the design of its 4WD product line “OzTec Suspension” and in the mid 2000 it was released onto the Australian market. OzTec Suspension is a line that has been designed to suit the Australian 4wd market and is now looked upon as a quality product with Distributors growing across Australia.

GSA’s prides itself in wholesaling quality products not to mention still building world class motorsport cars and GSA’s credits includes multiple winners in the Australian Rally Championship, multiple wins in the Australian Touring Car Championships and the Bathurst 1000 races. And only recently designing and building the Warner Brother Movie World Evolution 10 stunt cars.

Under the management of Reg Shepheard GSA is currently running an Evolution 10 lancer in the Australian Rally Championship competing for the outright position driven by his Brother Steven. GSA is a family owned and run business comprising of George and Marie Shepheard with both sons Reg and Steven together with a great team of staff working and helping grow the business into what it is today.

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