Adjustable Koni Shock Absorbers

KONI is recognised world-wide as a quality shock absorber specialist, focusing solely on high performing suspension-damping technology for cars, racing, specialty trucks, buses and trailers. KONI shock absorbers and ride systems are specifically designed for every application without any compromise to quality and durability. KONI utilise the best technology to fulfill the highest requirements for comfort, safety and vehicle (handling) performance.


KONI shocks include these exceptional performance features:

• Owner adjustable valving for wear compensation and owner ride quality choice.

• Adjustable over low and high speed damping ranges for overall smooth handling.

• 100% dynamometer tested for complete quality control.

• Many are serviceable.

All KONI Shock Absorbers are warranted to the original purchaser for a period of: 24 months / 40,000 kms.